Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

FutureBud International (hereinafter referred to as “We”) will deal with personal information appropriately?placing utmost priority on protecting personal information in all our corporate activities.
We intend to do our best to protect our customers’ private information including, name, date of birth and postal address by ensuring that every executive and employee complies with its Privacy Policy and with all laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information.

Appropriate Acquisition of Personal Information

We shall acquire personal information in the proper legally-directed manner whenever it is considered necessary, for example, as stated below:

  • Consumer inquiry is received;
  • Customer’s order is received;
  • A request for brochure is received;
  • Answer to questionnaires; and
  • Job application is received.

Proper Use of Personal Information

We shall use the acquired personal information only and solely for the purposes stated below:

  • To confirm purchase orders received and delivery of products to a customers;
  • To respond to any inquiries received from customers;
  • To report the progress and results of transactions to customers;
  • To inform customers about promotional campaigns and new products/services;
  • To conduct research and development of products and services through market research, data analysis and questionnaires; and
  • To provide services most suited for our customers.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our customers’ personal information is kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties, unless otherwise specified hereinafter:

  • Received consent from the customers in advance;
  • When processing customers’ payment(s) for products purchased;
  • When requesting a Carrier to deliver products to customers; and
  • When a formal request has been received from public law-enforcement agencies such as a court of justice and/or the Police, pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

Protection and Management of Personal Information

We hold a commitment to manage and prevent leakage, loss, destruction, or unauthorised access to personal information.

Disclosure, Modification and Elimination of Personal Information

We are committed to managing and updating personal information as precisely as possible.
In the case of customers wishing to review, amend, supplement or delete their personal/organisational information, they may directly inquire with our Privacy Policy Group detailed below.
In order to prevent the leakage of customers’ personal information to third parties, we shall respond to the inquiries only after verifying such inquiries have been truly directed by the customers themselves.

Modification of Privacy Policy

We shall continue reviewing and improving our policy by observing the laws and regulations regarding personal information. Any modifications to policy will promptly be posted on our website.


For comments and further inquiries regarding our handling of personal information and privacy policy:

FutureBud International Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy Group
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