Press Release Details

Press Release Details

Futurebud International awarded a contract for Automatic Weather Station for the Republic of Ecuador

 Futurebud International has been awarded a procurement contract for “Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid for Provision of Japanese SME’s Products” for the Republic of Ecuador in November 2015.

 This Non-Project Grant Aid provides Automatic Weather Stations for the Republic of Ecuador, who is prone to natural disasters such as flooding. The provision of these products is expected to contribute to building a disaster-resistant country by improving the accuracy of meteorological data collection, which is indispensable for disaster prevention.

Automatic Weather Station
 Data is collected from meteorological observation devices including anemometer, actinometer, barometer, thermometer and hygrometer, installed on the weather observation tower and from rain gauges installed on adjacent poles. The electricity necessary to collect and transmit data is sourced from solar power generation.


 Project Description

Client Ministerio de Electricidad y Energía Renovable (MEER)
Principle Contractor Japan International Cooperation System
Supplying Products Automatic Weather Station (40 sets)

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