Press Release Details

Press Release Details

Futurebud awarded a contract for Disaster Reduction Equipment for Tonga

 Futurebud International has been awarded a procurement contract “Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid for Provision of Japanese Disaster Reduction Equipment” in November 2016.

 The provision of First Aid Kit, Emergency Lamp with Generator, Tent, Mobile Toilet, Folding Carrier Cart, Pallet Jack/Manual forklift, Plastic Pallet, Hand Cart, Loud Speaker, Rain Coat with Helmet, and Noticeboard is expected to be utilized for disaster prevention and countermeasures at Viola Hospital in the Kingdom of Tonga.


 Project Description

Client Ministry of Health
Principle Contractor Japan International Cooperation System
Supplying Products First Aid Kit (30 units)
Emergency Lamp with Generator (7 units)
Tent (14 units)
Mobile Toilet (12 units)
Folding Carrier Cart (10 units)
Pallet Jack/Manual forklift (14 units)
Plastic Pallet (30 units)
Hand Cart (30 units)
Loud Speaker (15 units)
Rain Coat with Helmet (50 units)
Noticeboard (10 units)

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